if you want to eliminate MATHS PHOBIA , if you want to remove your Maths problem,if you want to get A grade in AS & A level or A* grade in A2 level, if you want to score more than 40 points or if you want to score 45 points in IBDP,if you want to get more than 95% in CBSE/ICSE (XII, XI, X), if you want to score full points in SAT/ACT or if you want to get selected in IIT-JEE(Mains+advance). Then only solution is, To learn Maths by Competitive Success Coach because

  • I will remove the fear of Mathematics
  • I will explain in lucid and smooth way so that your child will understand properly
  • I will help in wide variety of situations especially during BOARD exam or COMPETITIVE exams
  • I will help the student for re-take critical exams
  • I will maintain continuity in class and education for your child
  • I will help your child if he/she moves from one Board to another Board like(US/UK,IGCSE/IB,CBSE/ICSE) …etc
  • I will maintain schooling for children of Actors and Business man


In this ONE on ONE coaching program ,I personally customize for every student in different way accordingly in order to meet their needs. I teach Maths according to student level to higher level.Optimal results is must,so for that customization is very important as every student faces unique challenges. Due to the nature of my program , I monitor the approach and content to get the maximum ,which will lead far more better results .I make my students to understand the importance of education and Maths.
,Now I will explain with an example, when I meet a student who lacks motivation or having low confidence in Maths,poor performance is related to low self esteem ,I look the problem first but if the main cause is temporization or lack of organizational skills, then I focus on those things as Prime Concern. This customize approach is crucial for continual program .


I use the best ways and approach for optimal results.The areas where I typically focus on (PPP):
Purpose ,Principles and Performance
In “Purpose area”, I cover things related to understanding the values of education , importance of Maths ,cultivating a success mindset and finding purpose in academics and beyond.
Under the “Principles area” I cover things related to the principles of habits , formation , behavioural change ,time management and stress management .
Under the” Performance area” I cover things related to organizational skills ,studying , exam techniques and scientific methods to improve performance. I coach students to perform well academically ,especially in Maths for major exams like IIT -JEE(Mains + Advance),SAT/ACT ,GMAT,CAT BOARDS… etc. As mentioned earlier ,I customize the program such that the topic discussed are both relevant and meaningful to the student.


I connect with my student and influence them in very different ways and make them understand Maths. When many students reach their adolescent period , it is very difficult to make them understand to do something and expect them to follow .
For that they must first be persuade of the importance of what they have been told to do and it is not so easy that they will get convinced unless someone tries deeply to connect with them and make them understand the worth of it.
The unique ability of mine to connect with the student work as wonders and inspire them to take the correct action which lead to the beginning of the proggram easily .
Initially they look at me as mentor and willing to listen to what I am trying to make them understand. This is one of the biggest reason of my student’s remarkable progress through this program .
Now after reading all ,you must understand that, this program is much more than just normal academic coaching.


I have a huge experience working with students , So I understand the different challenges faces by them. More than 10,000 students , I have taught, spoken , coached and worked with .
Most of them are from rich families .Some of them have family problems, some are on the track who needs extra support , while others are long term underachievers.
I have seen and dealt with all of them, so I know what best techniques to use in each case for the best results.


I have gone through my own educational journey ,so I am prepared to guide my students with it . I have the credentials to prove those principles ,techniques, methods and ways.
I want to reassure you that your child is in good hands when you sign him/her up for this incredible transformational ONE on ONE coaching program .
So, here are my list of credentials:

  • I am the best Maths teacher and counselor.
  • I have spoken to and worked with thousands of parents ,educators and students in India (Delhi, Mumbai ,Bangalore and Abroad).
  • I am known as a learning expert This ONE on ONE coaching program is not tutoring normally like other teachers do . It makes sense more than that .I equip students with mindset and skills to perform well in exams especially major one like IIT-JEE (Mains+Advance),SAT/ACT ,IBDP(HL/SL), AS &A LEVEL,IGCSE,CBSE ,ISC, ICSE…etc.
  • I generally cover the following topics :
  • Applying different techniques in Maths in order to get improvement in exams.
  • Mastering the study and exam patterns that I have learnt up over my 19 years of formal education
  • Learning effectively ,note making techniques
  • Using science and maths based methods to learn faster and easier
  • Improving focus and confidence over Maths
  • Learning proven methods to memorize information effectively
  • Terminating negative attitudes and limiting beliefs
  • Finding inner motivation
  • Cultivating a success mindset
  • Knowing education of importance
  • Focus on long term aim and goal
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Overcoming distractions
  • Building healthy habits and life style
But regardless of how your child is currently doing, He or She will make excellent progress over the course completion. If you decide to start this incredible journey, we will get to work right away .

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