Frequently Asked Questions

No worries, just you need to persuade your child to attend one session ,during the first session ,i will try to connect with your child and i will convince him/ her to continue with the sessions.
I will empower your child with academic and Maths skills ,personal growth , and stress management throughout the sessions . I will teach Maths according to his/her level to the required level. I always try to make my sessions useful as much as possible .I am there to guide your child from facing new challenges and problems.
I live in Mumbai ,so for my clients who also live in Mumbai ,I take sessions at client’s home and the clients who don’t live in Mumbai ,for them I have an INTERNATIONAL plan.
I am Competitive Success Coach, an accomplished , calm and well qualified educator with a sense of humour who can deliver the full spectrum of IGCSE & IBDP subjects including MATHS , SCIENCE and ENGLISH . Planning and execution of curriculum will be done by me. I will form suitable time table and all lessons effectively.My goal is to help your son/daughter to achieve his/her ambition faster and easier than you ever imagined.You can hire me for betterment of your child who is

IGCSE , AS & A level

Preparing for
As a coach who can help your son/daughter in HOMEWORK after school or HOME SCHOOLING for those clients who frequently on visits ,travelling from one place to other place(one country to another country) or who can properly guide your child for SAT & ACT.
Almost 37.5 hours in five days the session would be held followed by two consecutive days off per week which will be generally saturday & Sunday . I should be given minimum 45 working days paid vacation per year according to the clients convenience. Flights fare and all kind of expenses including meals must be covered by the clients. Clients have to arrange my accommodation ,which would be near to the clients home. Accommodation must fit for the family.
A car should be provided to me for reasonable local use as well as for travelling from my residential place to the client home.
I am fit ,healthy ,non-smoker,soft-spoken and fully desciplined. A medical report will be given to the client. The client will pay all travelling expenses from my home country to the clients country including flights fare,meals ………. etc..
I always work with proper legal contract . If you are interested in working with me for the bright future of your child. Then please fill the form below
Yes, I am interested
You can send all details of your child including needs and expectations on
[email protected]
. Here are some IMPORTANT points of the contract :
ONE on ONE coaching program duration:
1) One year
2) 6 months/4 months/ 2 months
3) I can customize the program duration according to the client needs and requirements.
Hours of sessions:
37.5 hours per week (on an average 7.5 hours a day for five days in a week)
Accommodation must be provided for me(coach) and for my family
Car should be provided for reasonable use.
Salary of 174,000 USD per year
For customized program salary would be customized accordingly.
45 days paid vacation per year including flights fare …etc.
Yes, I am interested
Regards JS Maths And Education Coach
As I said before that I have worked with more than 10,000 students and have helped them in all kind of challenges and situations .This program is not just for academic coaching and teaching Maths only, but also for enabling student to get good grades in IIT ,SAT,IBDP,AS&A level ISC,ICSE,CBSE,IGCSE,B.TECH ,IB… etc.
Some topics and issues other than the one’s I have mentioned before that I have coached students in :-
  • Improving child’s relationship with the parents and siblings
  • Dealing with bullies
  • Choose meaningful task
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Seek to develop understanding
  • Overcoming self destructive behaviour
  • Observe, modify and re-evaluate
  • Becoming more confident and courageous person
  • Create a testing path way
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Not to wait (Act as soon as possible)
  • Developing a healthy life style
  • Increasing self esteem
No matter what challenges your child is facing I am confident enough to help him/her. Don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity and take a step and make your child’s future bright. Still if you have any queries and doubts which you would like to discuss, then I am ready to answer your questions over the phone, for that you need to click the button below to fix your call or directly you can contact me , so that I can connect with you as soon as possible.
Yes, I Want to grab this incredible opportunity

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