Does your child lack motivation ,inspiration ,confidence , discipline or time management skill Or Does your child face problem in Maths or He/She struggles with one of the following issues ,like:

  • Negative attitude
  • Not able to understand the value of education.
  • would be facing important exams like IIT-JEE(MAINS + ADVANCE) ,SAT/ACT, AS & A LEVEL, IBDP(HL/SL),CBSE,ICSE ... etc but is not ready for them ,because of:
  • Lacking organizational skills
  • Forget things quickly
  • Not able to create and keep deadline
  • Not able to set or meet goal
  • Lacks in making decision
  • Suffering from anxiety
  • Not self confidence
  • Addicted to social media ,game ,chatting ,you tube...etc.

These problems are too common for all teenagers. I have come across that all parents want their children to make the most of their capabilities but hurdle like the points which I have mentioned above get into the ways and MATHS is a subject which can boost the confidence and down the confidence.

'NO PROBLEM ' that’s why I am here for you to HELP. Some children are shy, they are unable and not comfortable to ask questions in a class of school or in group coaching but they will get freedom to ask their doubts or any problem with me. It would be ONE on ONE sessions so there is no chance of shyness and student will get

  • Freedom to learn and express themselves in a supportive environment.
  • Flexibility around leisure activities or other commitments such as sports , acting or training.

I can help in extra curriculum activities and in school projects also.Finally,I Competitive Success COACH will personally teach your child to do his/her best and achieve success . I specialize in teaching Maths for BOARD and COMPETITIVE exams.The program by which I deal with my students is called ONE on ONE program , by this program your child will become more confident ,motivated , focused ,determined and disciplined .your child will also cultivate a success mindset , build resilience and develop a positive attitude. “well” , All sounds great ! right?

But you must be having lots of questions in your mind. Will these sessions work for my child and if they do , then Will it have long lasting effect?

If all these questions are going in your mind then it means you are a smart parent . you must be knowing there’s no such thing call “one size that fits all” which is beneficial for every student . Because of these reasons , I work with every student ONE on ONE. Every student has different ways to understand Maths and any other topic .I can personalize the sessions according to need of the student specifically.

Things I don’t

  • Manipulate student emotions
  • Guilt them into short lived performance improvement.

Rather than I train my student with timeless principles and techniques which are backed by science.
My technique has worked so well that I get feedback ,messages and emails from parents years later, appreciating me that their children have gone through long term benefits from the program .So , ultimately the answer for your questions is "yes" ,definitely this program will work for your child too.Here are some successful students:

  • Pranav Menon
  • Shruty Telang
  • Atharva Patil
  • Sunny
  • Shivangi
  • Muskan Gupta
  • Aaryan Dash
  • Pavitra
  • Krishang
  • And many more
These are just few testimonials which represent a small number of total number of students that I have helped. So, I am very much sure that your child can even be benefitted enormously and learn Maths from working with me. At this stage, you must be curious to know about ONE on ONE coaching program and what makes it so effective.

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